OD Crypto Adnet

Payments Accepted
Withdraw Options

Is a small ad network to cater to smaller sites with less traffic. The reduced rates allow Advertisers to advertise affordably and quickly. With small deposit and withdraw requirements creates a good ad eco-sytem that should please all parties involved.


CPM rates only $2.00

1000 views around $2 crypto...... how is this cheap?

many companies you may see up to 25000 banner impressions for $1

Our views are unique and limited repeat views

Our publishers are only able to place one banner ad from any campaign. Also, there are limitations for IP, views per hour, views per day, and showing of your campaign

As a small company we are able to view websites and publisher projects and discuss matters personally

Basically no junk views

No minimum deposit

Your deposit will be rated by received currency VS rates

Many ways of deposit, we are people not robots can easily work with you


CPM earnings up to $1.50

No withdraw minimum!

Take coins when u want, or recycle for ads

No withdraw fees

What you make is what you keep

Free promotional banner

As a publisher you can also link one banner to your own project FREE


Gain 5% anually

All accounts allow for Advertising and/or Publishing

As another easy to promote feature advertisers could fund their campaigns using ad earnings.

How Does It Work

For simplicity all ads are primarily banner ads paying on a CPM or Cost Per Mille basis, meaning you will receive the quoted price per every 1000 views. their will be a stock base of websites and advertisers within the OD Crypto Adnet network of affiliate websites and projects, therefore with a lack of publishers or advertisers at any given time will not upset the balance. their are limitations of banners per page, ads per advertiser, IP views per hour, and per 24 hours, to control spamming and/or botting activities. All


If you want to make an anonymous donation to OD Crypto Adnet

Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currency donations are accepted. If you wish to support the project with crypto select the desired address from the LIST HERE


You can donate by leaving an open tab. The open tab will use un-utilized resources from your CPU only. This will not gain much, but still will be apprecciated. CLICK TO START MINING